How To Have A Yard Sale

Thousands of people have yard sales each year. This is one task that may catch you by surprise. In order to have a successful yard sale, there is a lot of work that will be involved. If you are wondering how to have a yard sale successfully, there are quite a few guidelines that you can follow to help you get on the right track.


Hosting a yard sale consists of more work than many people realize. It may not be as extreme as planning a wedding, but it is still an event that must be planned and thought through. If you have several items that you are selling, the more work will be involved. You will have to keep track of each item that you want to sale and place prices on every item and product.

Restrictions and Laws

Believe it or not, there are several places where a permit is needed to have a yard sale. In other places, you may not need a permit, but there is a limit to how many items that you are allowed to sell. Make sure that you comply with the rules and regulations of your state, country, or city before you proceed with your yard sale.


Advertising is a major part of this situation. If you do not advertise your event, how will people know that there is an event being held? When you are advertising, make sure that your signs are legible and that they stand out. Place your signs around town so that a lot of people have a chance to view your sign. The more people that attend your yard sale, the better chance you have of getting all of your items sold.

If you happen to live in a small town where no events go on or take place, use the newspaper to help spread the word about your event to neighboring cities. To expand your event, ask a neighbor or relative if they would like to join you. This is one way to split the advertisement costs and save money.


A lot of people are under the impression that you can write information down on a piece of cardboard and have millions of people show up. While this may work in certain situations, here, you will need to take the time and make your signs. This is your time to be creative and make signs that stand out to the public.

Keep in mind that when you are making your signs, the proper information needs to be place on each sign that you create. Your address and the particular event that you are hosting should be present on the sign. You will also need to provide the time that the event starts and when it ends present on the sign somewhere.